Makeup for film and theater – Starting 9th of January 2018

We will meet Tuesdays from 6:25 PM – 7:25 PM at Stillingskole in the basement. This is an offer for students at the age of 10 or higher.


We are exploring new and creative expression. Effects like masks can contribute to the setting of emotions and support the story we’re telling on stage.

We are including everything, facepainting, wax, latex, fake blood and makeup, when we work with the performers and the scenic expression!

We will implement elements and effects, that can support many different kinds of plays.

We’re going to dress up as witches, avatars, elves, clowns, trolls, zombies and many more!


If you have an interest in drama, dancing, music, film production or other kinds of performances, this is for you!


These are some of the outfits, which can contribute to the scenic atmosphere:



Classics: Clown – Mime –  Man/woman and Woman/man – Futuristic characters.

Film and theatre classics: Trolls – Villains (fx. Darth vader) – Avatar – Lion King.

Ages: The Renaissance – Egypt (Cleapatra) – Punk – 1920 to 1980.

Horror: Pen through hand – Wounds – Zombies – Blood – Illness


Seasonal characters such as:

Halloween: Zombie – Dracula – Scary dolls – Witches.

Shrovetide: Masks – Alice in Wonderland -self-made characters.

Christmas: Elves – Pixies – ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme – ‘Beetlejuice’ theme.


We’re also going through genres, which can be relevant for certain shows.

Stardust: Elves – Magical creatures – Animals – Insects – Birds – Phoenix – Reptiles – Dragons.

Performance team: Dolls, Metal

Avant-garde:  The students create a self-made story and expression.

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