Sistema Højvangen

Sistema Højvangen is a part of El Sistema which is a global movement that takes advantage of music, art and culture for human development.

Research-based evaluations has confirmed that music has significant positive impact on pupils learning, personal and social development as well as their relation to their family, school and surrounding community.

Sistema Højvangen at Niels Ebbesenskolen is part of the compulsory education in the introductory period and in the day-care Højvangen in Skanderborg.

In addition, we have established Orkesterklub every Wednesday afternoon for children from 1st to 4th grade at the school. The club participated in the Orkesterfestivalen (orchestra festival) “Side by Side” I 2016 in Göteborg.

Sistema Højvangen develops the individual child’s social and academic qualifications in a community surrounded by music. It strengthens the child’s self-esteem and confidence, and the ability to contribute to other communities.

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