RETHINK Folk Music

The project’s intention is to make pupils at music- and culture schools “musical archaeologists” in their own subjects. RETHINK Folk Music is supported by Fonden Aarhus 2017. It is a cooperation with museums, music- and culture schools in Region Midtjylland and the rest of Europe.

The folk genre in Denmark is full of life, and currently there’s growing interest in music based on traditions and roots among young people.

We have a large well-preserved amount of material surrounding the folk genre. The RETHINK Folk Music project’s intention is to recover and rediscover the folk music’s roots with young musical archaeologists and open their eyes to their own cultural heritage and bring it to modern times. Furthermore, the pupils will get the opportunity to meet teachers and pupils from other countries and work with their local folk traditions.

As part of the Capital of Culture Project in Aarhus, named RETHINK; the project intends to rethink and re-create the historical material from Midtjylland into modern times.  Furthermore, we will bring the folk music into museums and the public to further vitalize and embody the culture.

RETHINK Folk Music was launched by Kulturskolen Skanderbord and has partners with museums and music schools from all over Europe.

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