Cooperation with Elementary schools

Kulturskolen cooperates with many of the elementary schools of Skanderborg municipality as part of the school reform and Den Åbne Skole.

Long-term projects are arranged and discussed with the individual school. In the season of 2016-2017 we have the following projects:

  • Lessons in guitar, flute and keyboard for 3rd grade at Mølleskolen
  • Lessons in guitar, trombone/trumpet, keyboard, song, writing lyrics and rhythm for 1st and 2nd grade at Skovbyskolen
  • Lessons in saxophone, trumpet/trombone for 4th grade as well as choirs for 4th – 6th grade at Højboskolen
  • Sistema Højvangen, lessons in violin, cello, clarinet, flute, contrabsss, viola and cornet as Niels Ebbesen Skolen and at Dagtilbud Højvangen.

Our intention is to expand the collaboration with our current and future partners. It is important for us, that teachers can offer their professionalism and share they passion in music. We would love to cooperate with even more teachers and schools.

Currently, we can’t offer cooperation in subjects like dance, drama, art, textile and design, but we’re working on this!

Education as part of the school day

As part of the school reform, parents can now pay for their children to have musical education embedded into their school day.

Although, it is important to emphasize, that it is parents who have to request the principal about this. The principal will evaluate whether or not if it can be approved.